Employee of the Month

Come here to find last month's Employee of the Month!


Meet Jose Pérez! Out of all of the employees we have on the team, Jose has performed the best throughout the month of January.

Jose Pérez

Jose Pérez was the employee of the month in January

To be determined

Sam Bacon headshot

Sam Bacon


Matt Bacon headshot

Matt Bacon

Vice President / Head of Environmental

Jonathan Ervin headshot

Jonathan Ervin

Vice President / Green Circle Demolition

Scott Langford headshot

Scott Langford

Operations Manager

Annette Chavanne headshot

Annette Chavanne

HR Manager

James Loyless headshot

James Loyless

Field Supervisor

Paul Pollina headshot

Paul Pollina

Field Supervisor

Rich Bistline headshot

Rich Bistline

Senior Estimator / PM

Cole Tallent headshot

Cole Tallent


Justin King headshot

Justin King

Equipment Manager

Samantha Cologne headshot

Samantha Cologne

Front Office Admin

Bobby Cooper Sr headshot

Bobby Cooper Sr


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