The True Costs of Re-Scoping Your Demolition or Environmental Remediation Project

Experienced general contractors and real estate developers know that Murphy's law often applies to construction projects: if something can go wrong, it will. This doesn't have to be the case, especially when it comes to demolition and environmental remediation. The key to kicking your project off on the right foot is an accurate bid.

Lack of thoroughness and experience with the bidding process can lead to the need for re-scoping, which can quickly eat into your potential profits and extend project timelines before building even begins. In this article, we'll discuss a few common causes of re-scoping for demolition and environmental remediation projects and show how they can be avoided.

Common Reasons for Re-Scoping Demolition or Environmental Remediation


Not every demolition contractor offers turnkey services, so it's important to read the fine print on what's included in their price. Be sure that items such as necessary equipment rentals, permits, fees, site prep, and waste hauling or removal are covered appropriately—otherwise, you could find yourself unexpectedly responsible for the outlay of these costs.


Job site surprises can be especially devastating to the bottom line when it comes to environmental remediation. It's a big risk to embark on a project without a clear assessment of what types of hazardous materials (and how much of them) are involved. For example, discovering unknown asbestos as your demolition progresses can lead to additional time and disposal fees.

The Impact of Re-Scoping

As we mentioned, re-scoping a demolition or environmental remediation project can extend timelines and result in extra costs or lost profits...but the impact of both can be more serious than it even appears on the surface. Here's why.


Unexpected delays in the demolition phase have a domino effect on all the subsequent phases of your project, especially when initial timelines are tight. If you're a general contractor, you may have to reschedule the work with all the other subcontractors on the project, meaning lots of extra coordination for your team and the possibility of having to find replacements if your partners' schedules can't accommodate your requested changes. Building owners and real estate developers may also face having to make extra interest or financing payments due to extended timelines.


If you're a general contractor, you're the one who's accountable for the results of the entire project—even when things go wrong that are outside your control. Failing to deliver on time and on budget can put your reputation at risk, potentially hurting your ability to earn work from your customers in the future. As you already know, having subcontractors you can trust is critical to the ability of your business to grow.

How to Avoid Costly Re-Scoping for Demolition and Environmental Remediation Projects

There are three key things to look for when selecting a demolition and environmental remediation partner to prevent re-scoping issues on your future projects.


A seasoned demolition contractor will know what pitfalls to look out for when approaching your project from the beginning. They know what questions to ask to avoid surprises and ensure that all parties involved have a clear understanding of what the project will entail. A good partner will have a structured process that includes an onsite consultation, and if environmental remediation is needed, they will ensure that all proper pre-work inspections are performed.


When a demolition partner relies on their own subcontractors for services such as equipment rental and waste hauling, you're at their mercy, too. They will likely pass on additional costs for these services to you to protect their own bottom line, and any issues with scheduling can impact your project's timeline. Choosing a partner with these services under their own roof puts them in better control over the costs and timing of these key services.


You've got a thousand moving parts to consider when taking on a large construction project, and a demolition partner who offers a turnkey approach can lighten your load. With fewer details for your team to coordinate, you can spend your time and energy focusing on other aspects of the build.

Your Partners for Accountability

With experience, resources, and a turnkey approach, Green Circle Demolition has been helping general contractors, building owners, and real estate developers succeed on commercial, industrial, and large-scale residential construction projects for decades. We embrace and own all aspects of the process, starting with proven bid accuracy that eliminates surprises and following through with owned equipment and ancillary services under one roof—from concrete crushing to scrap metal recycling and waste hauling. If you're approaching a large construction project and need a demolition partner you can trust, talk with us today.