We can save you time and money with on-site concrete crushing. For sites with ample space, Green Circle Demolition can crush concrete, asphalt, or any other inert materials on-site safely and legally. This not only conserves energy, but also saves the cost of transporting concrete to a landfill and eliminates disposal fees. For sites without the space needed for onsite crushing, we can transport material to its own crushing operation for processing and recycling.


fast and safe concrete crushing

Green Circle Demolition understands the priorities of stakeholders in the complete removal of the improvements on their properties. We know that time is money and that safety is always a top priority. We have developed a reputation for the rapid removal of structures, and we have our in-house safety and risk management supervisor providing constant guidance on means and methods.


benchmarking our excellence

We maintain our excavators, skidsteers, trucks, and trailers to provide you with turnkey project solutions. We constantly push to beat company records for a variety of metrics including fastest demolition of a single story home and most loads of concrete hauled in a day. The culture of competitive benchmarking that we have engendered guarantees that your project will get pushed to the limit.