Walton Behavioral Hospital - Monroe, GA

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Job Requirements:

Remove all ACM identified in the report. After the start date this job was under contract with penalty of liquidated damages and had to be completed within 30 calendar days. 

Solutions/Requirement Challenges: 

The largest Containment was on the 2nd floor of the hospital. In order to prevent a substantial trash haul, we enclosed the entire back half of the hospital with tarps and poly in order to dispose of the ACM out of the window we demolished. The exterior floor of the outside containment was covered with poly and there were two negative air machines placed outside to ensure we maintained neg pressure throughout the trash load out. No trash was thrown into a dumpster we constructed a ramp to aid in the prevention of fiber release and kept all material wet at all times.  


Description of Work Performed: 

Of the 86,240SF ACM

  • 42,100SF was drywall joint compound that required three separate negative pressure containments 
  • 41,800SF of the ACM was VCT & Black Mastic that required two additional negative pressure containments 
  • 1,500SF of ACM White Paint on CMU walls 
  • TSI Pipe elbows Throughout the space Approx. 300 (Glove bag) 
  • TSI Pipe insulation 100LF wrapped and cut as well as glove bag 
  • 4 boiler Tanks- 4 additional containments 
  • Transite incinerator flue 40lf 
  • Silver Paint- 150LF 
  • Boiler Flue-50LF
  • Misc throughout make up the remainder 
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