YMCA - Atlanta, GA


The project involves the complete demolition and removal of the former Jordan Hall building consisting of 60,051 SF of vertical improvements. The structure is concrete beams and columns with terra cotta flooring and exterior walls faced with brick. All structures are slab on grade with sidewalks, patios, and stoops also consisting of concrete. Our pricing includes only site items that touch the building. (sidewalks/stoops/steps that are in contact with the building being removed) Construction and Demolition waste will be disposed of at an EPA approved landfill. Prior to demolition, remediation of ACM’s and universal waste will take place. It is assumed in a building of this age that bulbs and ballasts will contain Mercury and PCB’s respectively and theses items will need to be treated with special care and disposed of appropriately. The plans call for the façade on the MLK Dr. and Walnut sides of the building to be seperated, shored and remain in place for new construction to tie in. 

Asbestos Remediation Process

Asbestos remediation will be performed by Green Circle Environmental a GA-Licensed asbestos contractor, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Circle Demolition, in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. Currently identified ACM’s are summarized in a table below. 

Demolition Process

Separation of the building along the MLK and Walnut Façade is anticipated to take 3-4 weeks. This portion of the project will involve the selective hammering, cutting, and chipping of items shored by others. We plan to demolish completely the roof, beams, columns, and flooring in the bay adjacent the façade. This phase can commence once abatement activities in that portion of the building are complete. This will allow some overlap in schedule. It would be our goal to have the façade separation complete with the abatement completion. After the utilities have been safely disconnected by others the vertical demolition and hauling can begin using heavy equipment. (50k-100k Class Excavators with Grapples, Pulverizers and Buckets). The vertical demolition and hauling phase is anticipated to take 4 weeks for completion. The hauling portion of this project is anticipated to create 9,600 Tons of C&D and Concrete. This material must be hauled and disposed of in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws at an EPA approved landfill. Once the vertical demolition has entered the fourth week the concrete slab/retaining wall demolition will begin. All slabs, footers, and foundations are included. All material will be hauled off-site to a recycling facility. Demolition of slabs, footers, foundations and retaining walls is anticipated to take 3 weeks. Foundations are assumed to be no deeper than 3’. If we encounter foundations more than 36’’ deep, pricing is subject to change. 

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