Call on Green Circle Demolition for total demolition and wrecking. We specialize in the rapid removal of simple-to-complex structures. With a complete demolition team in place we will provide dedicated guidance regarding advanced means and methods, ensuring that the company’s project teams employ the most advanced approaches to total demolition. Our fleet of excavators, crushers, screens, attachments, skidsteers, trucks, and trailers, plus the ability to process and remove all materials materials on-site, allows us to bring down any structure safely and efficiently.



Demolition shouldn't look as messy as it does in the movies. With our expertise in total demolition and wrecking in Atlanta, Georgia, and across the U.S., we are able to safely remove any structure in a contained area and with minimal disturbance to surrounding environments, like this water tower we "tripped" in Clayton County, Georgia.


We have the equipment needed to remove entire structures without endangering surrounding buildings or habitats. Coupled with our concrete recycling and scrap-metal recycling services, we ensure the contained demolition and safe removal of buildings and all the materials that result from the demolition.